Leading from the Front


Jack Kits, MD
Chris Carruthers, MD, and Patricia Lightfoot, DPhil
Running for political office
Carolyn Bennett, MD
Saving the mothers
Jean Chamberlain Froese, MD
Taking an established organization to the next level
Louis Hugo Francescutti, MD
Raising awareness of physician health
Mamta Gautam, MD
Leading while under attack
Oscar Howell, MD
Leading from the front
Commodore Hans Jung (retired), MD
Redefining a health care brand
Gillian Kernaghan, MD
Communications — the key to effective public health
Richard Lessard, MD
Preparing for crisis
Isra Levy, MD
Leading a regulatory body
Heidi M. Oetter, MD
Transforming an organization
Graham Sher, MD
Creating a rehabilitation “powerhouse”
Gaétan Tardif, MD
Adventures in improving access to care
Kishore Visvanathan, MD
Leading from the front: experiences of Canadian physicion leaders.

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from the Canadian Medical Association.